website onboarding worksheet

ignore any questions that are not relevant (mark with an n/a)


  • New Client Onboarding Part I

    *if you don't know just mark the field N/A
  • Website + Hosing Information (NEED THE FOLLOWING)

  • Typically 'name' or 'email'
  • Co-owner or Assistant Info

  • Analytics - Access Information

  • Social Media URL's

    If you do not use just indicate N/A
  • Typically your Business Page
  • List w/ a comma in-between
  • Email Host URL (info)

    If we we'll be hooking anything up to your email CRM
  • Shopping Cart Host URL

    If we'll be hooking anything up to your online Shopping Cart CRM
  • Other Applications and/or Software

    Click all that apply
  • Use a comma as a spacer for each listing
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.