welcome to the VP solutions & resources page

when you’re promoting your business online it can get overwhelming to keep up with the latest tools while building your business.

then there’s shiny object syndrome…  squirrel!

About Virtual Partner Web Design

as your virtual partner, I keep up with the latest solutions & resources so you don’t have to.

tried and tested over time, here is a library of tools i’ve evaluated, use and recommend day-to-day from productivity, and conversions to website management.

virtual partner makes managing your online business that much better, combining experience and strategy with the right tools to deliver great results!

  • Domain Registration & Website Hosting

  • Website / Site Design / Site Support
  • EPS / CRM email automation
  • Shopping Carts
    • ThriveCart Digital Product eCommerce Platform – Lifetime (no monthly fees)
    • SamCart Digital Product eCommerce Platform
  • LMS eLearning Platforms
    • Searchie (Hosted Course/Membership Platform WordPress)
    • LearnDash (Self-hosted Course/Membership Platform WordPress)
    • BuddyBoss (to go with LearnDash)
    • Teachable (Hosted Course/Membership Platform)
    • Thinkifit (Hosted Course/Membership Platform)
  • Design Tools
    • Canva (Graphic creation tool)
    • Creative Market (Resource for design assets from graphics to fonts)
    • Vistaprint (Business cards and marketing material including)
    • Moo (Business cards, postcards, flyers, brochures, letterhead, and more)
    • Freshbooks (Small business accounting tool)
    • Harvest‎ (Timekeeping, invoicing, and reporting tool)
    • Xero (Small business accounting tool)
    • Quickbooks (Online accounting tool)Invoicing
  • Calendar Scheduler Apps
    • Acuity Scheduling (Scheduling and booking tool allowing real-time availability, online payments, schedule/modify appointments)
    • Book Like a Boss (Scheduling tool designed to effectively sell digital and physical products)
    • Calendly (Scheduling tool that integrates with third-party calendars including Google Calendar, Outlook, iCloud and more)
  • SEO Apps/tools
    • Yoast (Powerful resource offering tools and training to optimize WordPress sites for SEO)
    • Moz (SEO tools including Keyword Explorer, social and page metrics, and local business list tracking)
  • CRM / Emails – Active Campaign
  • Carts
    • ThriveCart Digital Product eCommerce Platform – Lifetime (no monthly fees)
    • SamCart Digital Product eCommerce Platform
    • WordPress eCommerce Plugin (Sell any type of digital products and services from your WordPress-powered site securely with complete automation)
    • WooCommerce (Highly customizable eCommerce platform for online stores powered by WordPress)
  • Payment Options
    • Stripe (Online payment solution allowing customers to make payments online and manage subscriptions)
    • Square (Point of sale and retail payment solution offering real-time inventory tracking and vendor management)
    • Sitepoint (8 PayPal Alternatives for Your Online Business, details breakdown of alternatives to PayPal)
  • Evergreen Automation
    • Deadline Funnel
  • Webinars
    • Demio
    • Zoom (Offering online video, audio conferencing, and collaboration tools)
  • List Building
  • Integrations
  • Viral Sharing
    • Upviral
    • IFTT

Management Tools / Project Management

  • Manifestly (Checklist app)
  • Airtable (Use it to manage projects, organize customer relationships, catalog your inventory, or make reusable checklists)
  • Trello (Organization)
  • EverNote (Bookmarking)

Project Management Tools

Cloud Storage


Proposal Tool



  • Droplr (Screen capture & video recording)
  • Loom (Screen capture & video recording)
  • Content Snare (Getting content from clients)
  • LastPass (Password manager, create a master password to manage all your passwords)

Calendar Scheduler Apps

  • Acuity Scheduling (Scheduling and booking tool allowing real-time availability, online payments, schedule/modify appointments)
  • Book Like a Boss (Scheduling tool designed to effectively sell digital and physical products)
  • Calendly (Scheduling tool that integrates with third-party calendars including Google Calendar, Outlook, iCloud and more

Chat Apps (on your WordPress website)

  • Podcasting
  • Video Recording Software Tools
    • Vimeo (Great for private pages and membership recordings)

    • YouTube (Great for branding channels and public links)

    • Rev (Transcription service)

      AccessAlly https://www.virtual-partner.com/AccessAlly
      ActiveCampaign https://www.virtual-partner.com/Active-Campaign
      Acuity Calendar https://www.virtual-partner.com/acuity-scheduling
      Airtable https://www.virtual-partner.com/airtable
      AppSumo https://www.virtual-partner.com/AppSumo
      Better Proposals https://www.virtual-partner.com/better-proposals
      Book Like a Boss https://www.virtual-partner.com/book-like-a-boss
      BookaFy https://www.virtual-partner.com/Bookafy
      BuzzSprout Podcast https://www.virtual-partner.com/BuzzSprout
      Calendly https://www.virtual-partner.com/Calendly
      Click Minded
      ClickUp https://www.virtual-partner.com/ClickUp
      Content Creator Planner https://www.virtual-partner.com/Content-Creator-Planner
      ContentSnare https://www.virtual-partner.com/ContentSnare
      ConvertBox https://www.virtual-partner.com/ConvertBox
      ConvertFlow https://www.virtual-partner.com/Convert%20Flow
      ConvertKit https://www.virtual-partner.com/convertkit
      Cylance Consumer Shop https://www.virtual-partner.com/Cylance-Consumer-Shop
      Depositphotos https://www.virtual-partner.com/stock-photos
      Descript Editing Tool https://www.virtual-partner.com/Descript
      Design Pickle https://www.virtual-partner.com/designpickle
      Droplr https://www.virtual-partner.com/droplr
      EnvatoElements https://www.virtual-partner.com/envato-market
      FlyWheel https://www.virtual-partner.com/flywheel
      FreshBooks https://www.virtual-partner.com/freshbooks
      GDPR Tracker https://www.virtual-partner.com/GDPR-tracker
      GoWP https://www.virtual-partner.com/GoWP
      GravityForms https://www.virtual-partner.com/Gravity-Forms
      GrooveFunnels https://www.virtual-partner.com/free-groove
      HelloAudio Podcast https://www.virtual-partner.com/helloaudio
      HelloBar https://www.virtual-partner.com/Hello-Bar
      Interact https://www.virtual-partner.com/quiz-tool
      InVideo https://www.virtual-partner.com/InVideo
      iThemes https://www.virtual-partner.com/iThemes
      iThemes Security https://www.virtual-partner.com/ithemes-security
      Jarvis AI https://www.virtual-partner.com/Jarvis-AI
      Jennifer Bourn https://www.virtual-partner.com/Jennifer-Bourn
      LearnDash https://www.virtual-partner.com/LearnDash
      LifterLMS https://www.virtual-partner.com/Lifter-LMS
      LiquidWeb https://www.virtual-partner.com/Liquid-Web
      LogoMyWay https://www.virtual-partner.com/Logo-My-Way
      LOOM https://www.virtual-partner.com/loom
      MissingLTR https://www.virtual-partner.com/missingletter
      MyWebAudit https://www.virtual-partner.com/mwa-campaigns
      NameCheap https://www.virtual-partner.com/NameCheap
      Page Builder https://www.virtual-partner.com/Page-Builder
      Pretty Links https://www.virtual-partner.com/pretty-links
      ProcessStreet https://www.virtual-partner.com/Process-Street
      Repurpose Podcast https://www.virtual-partner.com/repurpose
      Rocketium https://www.virtual-partner.com/Rocketium
      SamCart https://www.virtual-partner.com/samcart-courses
      SaneBox https://www.virtual-partner.com/SaneBox
      Searchie https://www.virtual-partner.com/searchie
      ShareSale https://www.virtual-partner.com/Share-a-Sale
      Shipt https://www.virtual-partner.com/shipt
      SiteGround https://www.virtual-partner.com/SiteGround
      SpeedLancer https://www.virtual-partner.com/Speeclancer
      Stencil https://www.virtual-partner.com/stencil
      Teachable https://www.virtual-partner.com/teachable
      TeamWork https://www.virtual-partner.com/teamwork
      The Events Calendar (WP Plugin)
      ThinkIfIt https://www.virtual-partner.com/thinkifit
      ThriveCart https://www.virtual-partner.com/thrive-cart
      TryInteract https://www.virtual-partner.com/quiz-tool
      Vimeo https://www.virtual-partner.com/vimeo
      Webinar Kit
      WooCommerce https://www.virtual-partner.com/woocommerce
      WP Fix It https://www.virtual-partner.com/WP-Fix-It
      WPEngine https://www.virtual-partner.com/WPEngine


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