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have a wordpress website

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beautiful… functional…

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interested in creating a wordpress website that works for you even when you are not?

a site that is fully automated and one that YOU can easily maintain and update YOURSELF?

having an online presence is not just smart, it’s a necessity.

gone are the days of businesses not having an online presence or even brochure sites that are not engaging or automated.


virtual partner web design is here to make it happen!

Virtual Partner Coworking

our process – the flow…


conversation about a custom design for your site


creation of a mockup of your home page to get clarity on your desired look and feel


a few updates with revisions to address any changes you may have


the design process takes approximately 2 – 3 weeks to complete (depending on changes and any large adjustments


3 Packages to choose from – to match your budget Packages to choose from – to match your budget

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what's your website presence IQ?


discover what makes your web presence unique


attract your ideal clients and customers


have a website design that catapults your brand into the public eye

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virtual partner web design

creating & building a
wordpress site has never been so fun!

Phillis Benson

hey there, i am glad you stopped by. i’m Phillis Benson the face and thoughts behind virtual partner web design!

i believe it is essential to align all aspects of my client’s business and assist my clients in creating a website that works with purposeful strategic design and function. i work with each client to build a deep trust-based partnership, which often endures over years, and in some cases decades. 


my clients use my knowledge and expertise in web design, wordpress,  activecampaign, other crm’s, plus elearning platforms like searchie, kajabi, learndash, management information systems, & more, to generate growth in their business.


“Virtual Partner is the best-kept business secret ever.”

they’re saying

“I feel like I can finally breathe again.”

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