The difference between cheesy stock photos and unique, on-brand art on your company’s website is like the difference between a slice of pizza from the year-old frozen box in your fridge and an artisanal pie bubbling fresh out of the oven from a quaint little shop in Rome.

(Cheesy photos, bad. Cheesy pizza, good.)

What we’re saying is – Your site’s art counts for a lot. It’s how readers will view your brand and its degree of professionalism. But that doesn’t mean you need to hire an army of high-cost professional photographers.

Instead, try these photo hacks (and you may just save enough for a cheese-filled trip to Roma):

Find up-and-comers. Ask photographers’ assistants if they’re willing to shoot for a byline. The work of these young professionals is often top-notch, and they may share a bit of it in exchange for exposure and an addition to their portfolio.

Hone your stock search skills. On free photo sites like Pixabay (or paid ones like Getty or Corbis), always use the advanced search functions. Try searching for images without people in them, add the word “illustration” to your search terms to get more conceptual results, or look for black-and-white photography for a sophisticated feel.

Create custom templates for specific franchises you may have on your site. You can set them up in Photoshop or use free editors like CanvaPixlr, PicMonkey, or GIMP. They’ll make the content feel more consistent and the regular stories more easily recognizable to your audience.